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Yeah the CIA spent a few million trying the same thing.
yeah, but I hear that the program was canceled when they caught the would be remote heart squishers tuning in to the Playboy channel instead..

I know that you are joking around......and that is pretty funny.....

As we see in this thread and many of the recent threads, there is a huge number of people that still look at their gun as a talisman. They own it....they shoot it....what else is there?

I have trained with hundreds and hundreds of people that were at their very first course. Out of all that I spoke with, there was the very same reaction to their first course. They simply could not believe how much that they did not know. They may have been shooting and carrying for decades but they acknowledge that "they did not know what they did not know."

Out of all of the people that I have talked to, I never met one that did not see the benefit of a quality training course.

A gun is just a are the weapon. Owning a tool does not make you a makes you a tool owner.
Thank you for understanding my cheeky, if not totally lame, humor I don't know what possessed me to make that KGB joke, except that I was trying to be funny. I totally understand the point that you were trying to make about one's fighting attitude being more important than the tool used....but on a "serious" note, come think of it, even if one was able to pulverize one's heart with one's "mental powers", there still is no such thing as true "mental powers stopping power", as the bad guy would still have approximately 10 seconds or so before being truly physiologically incapacitated (ok I know I know I'll shut up about this now )

On truly serious note, I don't pretend for one second that I have expertise or even personal experience in the area of moving of the X, moving for cover or standing one's ground. But here's a very interesting article written by Paul Howe of Delta "Blackhawk Down" fame. Check out his theories on "Training for the real fight".


I found the whole read very very interesting, but for his specific thoughts on using cover and shooting on the move, scroll down to "the fight and setting up your opponents" section. I'd love to hear your, the professionals that is, thoughts on what Mr. Howe writes.

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