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I ordered something from them some time ago. No issues. Recently I tried to purchase an inexpensive Fobus paddle holster for a CC course I was going to take. Something just to get me by until I could get a custom leather holster. Fobus aren't expensive, but their price was uber low. However, the optics plant, just like all the other Fobus dealers, listed the item for sale but did not actually have it in stock since it was a new item. I'm sure they had been told by Fobus that it would be in "any day", but I would still have preferred that they didn't waste my time with it. When I started calling all the other retailers listing the same product, it was the same story. Apparently it is a common retailer practice.

I think my SOP will be to call these online retailers before I order it to make sure they have it in stock. Other than that, Optics planet has GREAT prices and free shipping on lot's of items.

Hope it works for you.
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