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PA-Wicen's Shooting Range-Invite to PA,NJ and DE TFL members

There was a shooting mishap at a local club and we're organizing a support day at the range because this range has had problems with anti-gun groups in the region. I know the NRA has been directly involved with this, but we need more people to come out and support the club. We're hoping to have atleast 100 people there.

Wicen's Shooting Range Support Day

Place: Wicen's Shooting Range
(The Farm)
3179 Mozart RoadFurlong, PA 18925

Date: Sunday-April 13th Wicen's Shooting Range.

Time: 10am-4pm

Cost: $15

This shoot will be an official Rally Point shoot and specifically to support Wicen's Shooting Range.

Please read the range rules before attending the shoot. They are clearly posted on ttp://

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: They require photo identification for each adult signing in to use the range. If you do not have photo identification, you will not be allowed on the firing line.

Any local business that wants to donate something as a door prize on April 13th should contact me via PM at or email me at [email protected]

Joe Wicen gave me permission to allow food to be cooked off the firing line, but I ask that people pack their own lunches/food for this because trying to accomodate an unknown turn out will be difficult. If you plan on cooking food, please contact me and try an co-ordinate that for your group.

Please come with the a helpful attitude. We want to create a positive atmosphere in light of the situation.

All of the details about the stray bullet incendent at Wicen's are still being compiled, but we need to show support for the range.

Spread the word and get off the computer and come out on April 13th.

Please repost this on any gun board that is willing to support Joe Wicen's range. People from Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania will be in attendance so please spread the word with 2nd Amendment groups in those States. I would appreciate it if people would post here or email me about attending the shoot so that I don't have to read through too many gun boards to get an accurate head count.

Here are two threads running on TRP and
Find out about Gun Shows and Training activities.
Get your gun club involved!!
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