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I had an email in the inbox this morning from him that said he was sorry and that he would retract the feedback and take my word that I had sent him the money order. I in turn retracted my feedback and the original agreement stood.

I am not saying that I was all right by backing out of the deal and no there was no policy concerning return or cancellation fees. I have an Ebay store myself and understand plenty about online sales. When I have people back out of sales I request they pay the fees and that is all just to be fair and in all but one case they have been obliged to. I am fair and honest with my customers and expect the same out of other online retailers.

In this situation I feel it was escalated because neither one of use were really in the right. I backed out of a sale and he renigged on an agreement after being caught in a lie. And yes he attributed the fees to GB but GB sent me a confirmation email with the actual fees to which I sent a copy with the money order.

Either way it has been put to rest and everyone is squared away.
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