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I don't shoot it much anymore, but back in the day, my Marlin 39a would shoot dime sized 10 shot groups all day long at 25 yards. I never tried any longer distances because I didn't have a place out back to shoot longer.

I've never shot a CZ, but the ones I've seen couldn't be called junk. And yes, Skeeter, I know you did correct that wording.

Most 22's will shoot a lot better than the person holding them anyway. For all the talk about how inaccurate a 10/22 is, mine are accurate enough stock out of the box to kill a squirrel as far away as I'm willing to shoot at one. I did kill one once with my Marlin at 75 steps, but I'm not sure who was more surprised, the squirrel or me. I was a lot younger then, and my eyes were sharper.
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