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Great! thanks for the good advice!

I will be just loading this up lite anyway...just to get the experience of black powder...(can you just imagine what Gettysburg must have been like??)

I shot the .36 today...used 20 grns. (lowest my powder measure will hold). and it seemed to be okay. The recoil was very lite...the chrony was around 600 FPS. My middle daughter had a blast! The other girls shoot too,,,just busy!

I will check out the real antique tomorrow, the 1860 44 army. I shot it before...but I was loading it all wrong...(using my scale..-HUGE NO NO) but it shot fine then.. I guess it IS hard to overload the pistols.. there is no visible deformation...

next week I will be loading up another antique...45-60 Win model 1876. I had dies made up special a couple years ago,,, just ordered the lead.... they are .458 300 gr LFN
I have to load that round...I believe to buy the ammo is around $2 per kapow, at least 12 years ago it was 2 bucks.

I have a couple spencers too. I wish they still made that ammo....but I modified (with my gunsmith buddy) one of the blocks to shoot centerfire.. Dont cringe, It was a wall hanger rifle that was a i saw no harm in one conversion. The other is original, and nice...

Thanks guys,,,Mike
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