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At 25 yards, even a box-stock Ruger 10/22 is accurate. Range should be at least 50 yards, and should include a 100-yard course of fire as well.

A *true* test of accuracy would be to have both rifles in question shot by the same person (who doesn't own a copy of either rifle) with the same scope and the same ammo on the same day at the same general time of the day.

BTW, I ran the same test on my CZ-452 Silhouette and my Henry H001T. The day I ran this test, it was 65 degrees and overcast. My methodology was as follows:

1) I thoroughly cleaned both bores before going to the range.

2) I used Wolf M/T ammo (LOT# 10839), sorted by rim thickness.

3) The scope was a Mueller APV set at maximum power (14.5)

4) At the range, I fired 30 (unsorted) rounds through each gun to season the barrels to the lube used on the Wolf M/T.

5) I fired 10-12 sighting shots through each gun before shooting for groups.

6) Shooting five shot groups at 50 yards, the CZ shot a ragged hole group smaller than a dime. The Henry shot a group just a hair larger than a nickel.

7) I repeated the tests three more times. In every test, the CZ was more consistent and accurate - but not by much. In fact, I consider the difference to be insignificant.

8) By the time I got to the 100 yard range, the wind had picked up and I couldn't get decent groups from either rifle. I have not since tried the 100 yard test because the windy conditions haven't subsided.

And the guy that said that the CZ-452 is junk is talking out his anal pore...

To be honest, I was hoping the Henry would out-shoot the CZ, but a pinned receiver gun simply isn't as accurate as a threaded receiver gun.
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