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Hey, Steve, if you're in here, can you give us a broad sketch of what happened to prompt the announcement on the New World Combat site? There's an announcement from September that's still on top, stating that MMA classes will be restricted to people with a year of Muay Thai experience to weed out "cokeheads and tough guys." Were you having safety issues at the school? Or just "street fighters" who couldn't keep up?

I ask because I posted a link to the SWAT website's blurb at a martial arts website I frequent, and a lot of posters were skeptical at the idea of "rogue martial artists." I agree that the name's a little dramatic, but even some of the big names have been known for giving out beatings for no reason from time to time. Hell, Lee Murray's an international bank robber!

Anyway, I enjoyed the honesty of the piece. I was a little worried when I saw the title that it might be "anti-grappling" or something. I summed up your overall theme as "The way to defeat a trained MMA fighter is to train in MMA yourself, plus the use of your knife, which you'll need to have on your person."
Is that about right?
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