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If the nipples on this gun were damaged as a result of dry firing, I would not be surprised, as that would be common in a display item. Likewise, if there were cosmetic issues, that would be expected. But this gun shows no sign of that kind of abuse. In fact, internally it looks very good with virtually no wear on any of the internal parts. My statement that the gun was a display model was based on statements by Cabela's staff, as well as a large orange sticker on the box which read "Display".

Now it certainly may be that persons unknown held the cylinder in place while retracting the hammer, or some other type of manipulation that may have damaged the bolt and/or hammer - I don't know. What I do know is that the parts do not show any overt signs of that kind of abuse. They simply look as if they do not fit and interact exactly right.

I'm certainly not saying that this gun is a POS or that Uberti builds crap. I bought a gun that was unfired, but had been handled, probably a lot. I'm sorry you feel my opinion is not justified, but we'll just have to disagree on that point. I do appreciate all the advice on how to address the issue.
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