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Don't get me wrong

I'm not diss'n anyone who shoots a gun for fun (could be a line from a CW song). If somone wanted to shoot a .22 with some sort of contraption like they sell for auto rifles, the hand crank job, (right?) I wouldn't really give a hoot, but it seems to me the sport was concocted to relive/experience shooting from an old fashioned least in part.

Now it seems the defacto center of attention is the guy who has a gun so slicked up it almost shoots itself. It has to have a diet of "sugar free" cartridges so it doesn't disassemble itself during a match. Where I think (what do I know?) the attention should be more directed is the lower end of the scale as it now stands......the BP CB shooter who is adept at managing his weapons should be the in line would be the BP cartridge guy......then the smokless and then the Plinkerton Man who wants to be able to shoot like a mini-gun with no appreciable recoil to disrupt his run. I am very sure this sort of shooting requires great skill and practice. Personally, I wouldn't take it up because I want appreciate what it really took. I want to compete against others who try to excel at the art of slinging lead as fast and accurately as they can with hand cannons loaded just like they were.

Just my two cent piece...........everyone just have fun
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