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Thanks for the link

Thanks Raider. I didn't get one of those when I got the gun foisted on me (see my posts on Cimarron and Oglesby and Oglesby Gun Makers). I thing the gun was used.............anyway, now that the Bounty Hunter is apart I see how the safety works.........and I'm going to leave it least for now.

While the hammer is indeed relief cut, there is a boss machined into the hammer that makes it full width at the pivot point. (see pictures)



So taking it out shouldn't be a problem.

I recall reading, not long ago, about a gun smith that specializes in Rugers I believe. He removed the safetys as they sometimes had a tendency to break/fall apart and jam up the gun.

P.S. for all those who say I'm voiding my warranty.............yeah.........
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