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I can understand you not wanting to spend any money on something that you've yet to use but.

I still have spare parts for all of my Cap & Ball Revolvers "IE: Bolt, Hand w/ spring, Trigger, Hammer, Bolt/Trigger Spring, Main Spring" as well as a few other pieces that don't see as much abuse so unless you don't plan to shoot your fine new Walker that much eventually you may want to have a few parts on hand.

Well let me rephrase that, I may place some where around 300-400 rounds a year through any of my pieces at home & on occasion I have had over 500 through my 1860 Army where wear down & or breakage eventually can happen & I keep just a few parts on hand for when that may occur, I can spend the time to repair my revolver & have her ready for the next time I want to play with it.
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