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How often do you shoot weakside and how much does it effect your accuracy?

Shooting weak side has been a technique that I've incorporated into my training since it was first mentioned to me by an instructor at the police academy a decade ago. At first it seemed unnatural but now I hardly notice a difference in accuracy. I do notice a real difference loading and cycling the action though.

It's an important skill to master. The FBI shootout in Miami comes to mind. An agent had his hand mangled in the firefight and had to reload and fight one handed. It is also important if you ever need to shoot from a covered position and using your strong side would expose more of your body to fire.

I make a point of forcing my students in the MOUT class to practice this technique in the glass house and observe how much of the body is exposed both ways.

It's not enough to do it with empty weapons or with blanks. To get comfortable it means shooting AND RELOADING weak side at the range too, and alot of times guys won't do that because they want to have the best scores for record possible. That means doing it on our own time.

Just something to think about.
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