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Man I haven't had to time the bolt on a S.A. Revolver in years, but if the Cam on the Hammer is still in the nice round shape & have a slight angle from the sear teeth "of the hammer" twords the top most portion of the cam "so that when the hammer is released by the trigger it will push the bolts leg inward to pass the bolt on it's travel forward" then I would think that your hammer with the cam should be fine.

The Bolt on the other hand can be timed incorrectly when it was finished "trimming the leg a little too short" which can cause this issue.

I would buy a New Hammer & Bolt but leave the hammer in it's package so that you can return it if you do not need it, & unless you know how to do this type of smithing, I would take it to some one that can do it because if you are not careful you can ruin a new bolt, but the procedure is to have the frame in a vice so that you can work with it "but not damage the finish!" & look at the rotation of the hammer, trigger engagement, & bolt engagement, & have the bolt drop just before or just at the time the trigger engages the full ready sear on the hammer, & usually this is achieved by stoning the leg that is engaging the cam till you achieve the correct time.

Like I said I haven't had to do this in quite a few years so I'd take a decent ammount of time doing this job but if you have not done this before I would take it to some one that can.
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