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How about placing a 92 Ford Mustang 5.8L H.O. with Automatic into a 48 Ford F1 Pick up, now that's work...
But again back to your normal programming.

The Hammer Block is a must because it takes up the space that was intentionally removed from the hammer to prevent accidental firing of the weapon if it was dropped.

I found the Manual which explains this a little & it does have a diagram which will be helpfull if you need a guide to piont you in the right dirrection.

As far as total tear down.
If it was a new in the box gun, I would tear it down totally to get what ever storage gunk out of the action, but otherwise I'm like Hawg "about once a year thing" otherwise I just take the back strap off so that I can get the grip off or if it had a 2 piece grip then just remove the grip & clean it like Hawg mentioned.
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