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Hensly & Gibbs Conicals

Say Gascheck,

I'm a long time shooter of BP about 30 years, 1st one a Navy .36 and then mostly single barrel smokepoles of one variety or another. Just got some new equipment though to join the 20th century. New additions are a Knight disk extreme in .52 and a ROA in .45.

My question is for the ROA as I intend it to be a back up/close range option for BP deer hunting. I've already added a higher partride type front sight and I plan on using 777 powder and Remington #11 caps but I can't seem to find a good bullet. Right now all I've really been able to find is the .456"/220gr Lee's (field reloadable) or some .455"/250gr SWC's that probably need a press to get down the cylynder due to lenght.

While I think 6 shot's is 5 more than I'll ever need, being able to reload in the field is very important to me as I'm not able to resist the ocasional Rabbit of opportunity type of fun.

What is the weight and diameter of those conicals? What Brinel Hardness are you casting to. And lastly where can I get a mould for it?

Thanks for any info.
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