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Haven't had to improvise this much since I swapped two engines between an Olds 88 and a Cutlass. You ever try to move an engine hoist on gravel with a 455 hanging off it???
Try going from an Olds to a Pontiac or a Pontiac to a Chevy or a Chevy to a Ford. I've done it all. Even used Dodge rear ends under Fords. I think about the hardest thing I've ever done is put a 460 Police Interceptor in a Mustang.
Don't move the hoist, move the car. Now back to your regular programing.
Original Colt's were fitted and finished by hand so they were pretty slick. Most clones can use a little slicking up but some are better than others. I think Uberti uses an air wrench to torque down screws. I never messed with one that had the hammer block so I don't know what you'd run into by leaving it out.
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