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When I clean my bp revolvers I remove the grips and cylinder and that's it. When I take the frame out of the water I let it drain while I do the cylinder. I then spray it out liberally with WD-40 to displace and flush any remaining water or gunk. Then I spray it inside and out liberally with balistol. It's ok to use a petroleum based lube like Remoil here if you prefer because there won't be much if any fouling down inside the action. What little bit gets in there will be flushed out by soaking and spraying. I lube the bore and chambers with bore butter and reassemble. I do a complete takedown maybe once a year if I think about it and have never seen any built up gunk or rust inside one of my revolvers. Make sure you have a good set of gunsmith screwdrivers that fit the slots correctly before you try too hard to get those screws out.
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