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Cleaning on hold

OK............the Navy is broken down. But before I continue on with disassembling the receiver, tell me about this main spring I have here. Sure its a leaf spring, just like the one in my .45 and the one in my old Cimarron, but.......its a considerable bit stouter! I vaguely remember breaking my Cimarron down all the way (I was one of those kids, you know, who takes apart perfectly good alarm clocks and clock radios to see how they work). If I remember correctly putting that spring back in was NOT fun. This one looks worse!! I would prefer, at this time, to avoid a detailed disassembly unless I'm sure I can get this thing back together without a spring tool!

Is there a good way to go about this without a tool, or can I just dump the whole receiver in the water this time and detail strip it later?
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