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How can I stop chamber rust?

I have a TTN SxS 12-gauge that I use only for CAS, with Triple 7 loads. The chambers were a little rough when I got it, so I used a Flex-Hone to smooth it up some. I stopped well short of perfection because I believe I would have ended up with a 10-gauge and maybe still not removed the ring around the one chamber.

In any case, both chambers have recently developed a tendency to rust. No matter how well I scrub them with 0000 steel wool and oil to remove the rust, nor how liberally I oil them when I put the gun away afterwards, within a week or so the rust starts back.

Is there any type of chemical treatment I can use to stop this? I have considered painting the chambers with NeutraRust, but don’t know what effect that might have on the steel. I assume the problem may be caused in part by cheap Chinese steel. None of my other guns has ever done this—the repeated rusting, I mean.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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