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Too many recoil sensitive wimps and whiners that can't even handle .38 special service loads
My first revolver was a S&W 28-2 Highway Patrolman, 4 in. barrel. I was just 21 which at that point rhymed with dumb and full of _____ fill in the blank. .38s were fun but TAME until I shot off a whole box of Remington .357 JSPs!!! That was before I put on the Pachmayer rubber grips too! That was recoil! Not unmanageable but a right smart whack thru the forearm. Am I correct???? eh?... eh?... eh?..... Did I mention that my hearing protection was chewed up wads of Kleenex??? My ears rang for a WEEK!

Best fun I ever had.....
M.D. Berk
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