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The lubed felt wad was intended to be placed between the ball and the powder. It will not be fully effective in keeping fouling soft if loaded on top of the ball.
If the wad is improperly placed if it is in front of the ball, then what about those who post that they don't use a wad at all! Some say they grease the chamber mouths and some don't grease at all! If all these variations do not have a measurable effect on the immediate performance of the piece then it would stand to reason that putting the wad in last would at least keep foreign matter out and probably help protect against flash over at least to an extent, at least better than no seal at all.

As for lubrication, it seems to me, from my study, the use of components like grease and treated wads is more related to modern shooting practices than when the arms were first used. I may be mistaken, but I'm pretty sure soldiers carrying an 1851, 1858, or 1860 didn't normally carry a bag of Wonder Wads or a can of Crisco on their person.

But getting back to my original observation....I find it curious that the distributor would put the loading instructions in that order. (Yup! just re-read it. "13. Fill each chamber with grease seal or Revolver Wonder Wad.")
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