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I have shot cap and ball for a good 15 years and never
had a chain fire.
The probability becomes a part of the issue only when one is more likely to be careless about sealing one end of the cylinder over the other.
I bought my first one when I was 12. That was 39 years ago. I had chainfires galore. My pistol took #9 caps and all I could find were #11. Even pinching them they didn't fit well and frequently one or more would come off under recoil. Oh yeah, I was using over 45 grs. of powder and no lube. The chains stopped when I figured out to put a drop of oil on the front of the balls. I never had another chainfire with it after that. Recently I've been hearring that chains come from the nipple end so being the adventerous Darwin seeker that I am I loaded the old girl back up with 40 grs. and left all the nipples open and fired them one at a time, no chainfires. I then loaded her back up and capped all the nipples but used no lube or wads. She fired off three chambers the first time and two more the second time. Now this gun is 39 years old and maybe the chambers aren't perfectly round but as long as I use a wad or over ball lube she will not chainfire. No way, no how.
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