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I bought one when they first came out.

I picked up the 44 colt varient with a navy size grip with the silver plated backstrap.

Took almost 6 months for the 44 colt brass to become available, after I got it.

After about a year, load data for the new centerfire brass became available.

Took about 2 years before I finally got to shoot it.

And I must say, it was well worth the wait.

In 44colt its down right pleasent to shoot, and pretty accurate dispite its poor sites.

I initially bought the gun as an investment. I thought production was going to cease due to lack of interest. seems I was wrong, and justly so.

Trail boss powder works great in this gun. the cherio shaped powder fills the case when you used light loads.

I can recommend this gun to anyone considering it for a cowboy action gun.

They are well made and handle great.

For ease of getting ammo, stick to the common rounds: 38special, 44 special and 45colt. the 44colt is nice but factory stuff is way expensive.
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