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Originally Posted by UniversalFrost
With USPS money orders you can track it and the person that cashes it at the post office must provide proof of identity. If they take your money and run you have their address to give to the police and it is wire fraud, and several other federal offenses that will have not only the local PD and post office on his tail, but you can file a complaint with the FBI and treasury (had to do this once on a shiloh sharps custom grade rifle that the guy grossly exagerated and submitted false photos. Got the money back after the local FBI folks and ATF made a few visits to him.
Originally Posted by WIL TERRY
The USPS has no sense of humor about such things atall. They are mighty nasty folks to have on your tail as their success insures an all expense paid vacation at the Graybar Hotel in Leavenworth Kansas. Sic the feds on him !!!
Wrong. This is one of the biggest BS MYTHS that keeps getting spread by people who don't know any better. The USPS won't do a THING for you. NOTHING. You can file a complaint with postal inspectors and that'll be the end of that. Period. There's not going to be any "no knock" raid, no one's going to jail, and the "feds" aren't going to devote a single resource to chasing down some deadbeat con artist for a couple of hundred dollars. That's called reality. This is a trivial, civil property matter to them.

If this individual is active on various internet message boards, you can apply peer pressure. (Though he may not care.) As far as all of this high-minded nonsense goes about calling the local authorities, no police agency is going to devote a single resource to recovering property in what is essentially a civil matter.

The closest thing to any type of criminal case that can be built against someone in a situation like this is through the local county/district/commonwealth attorney's office. Most states allow an individual who has been duped/conned or whatever to file misdemeanor embezzlement charges against the party who has aggrieved them.

Also take note of the ISP from which this individual made contact with you. If he did it from work, there's a good chance his employer -- specifically HR -- will be quite interested in hearing about his shenanigans.
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