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the green arent terrible,never had any others(orange/black/etc)...

but Magpul followers(gen II) go in all of my USGI mags and are much better than the green.i think they have a gen III now,but i havent tried them and the gen II are great.

the Pmags come with them.

im pretty sure if you're going to stick with what comes in them...go with the green.but changing them out for Magpuls is by far the best way to go that im aware of.

btw-CTD is high on mags...

check out G&R,44Mag,Rainier,or Bravo company for D&H USGI mags or P-mags.

Rainier may be a little high on the D&H but decent on the Pmags IIRC and nothings changed.
I'm moving on.Too many fudds,fanboys,and general silliness.

It's been fun(in part).

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