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Ruger Old Army and then some...

Fellow worshippers of Bill Ruger's favorite revolver-

You will all get a laugh out of this story - not mine. And you can get an idea of what you probably shouldn't do with a stock ROA.

Use the Dick Dastardly link at

The Achilles heel at high ballistic performance with a factory ROA is those damned nipples. Those of you who have experienced "busting a cap" in the very literal sense may have already diagnosed the problem, but the flash hole in the original Ruger and a few of the aftermarket items is simply too large.

Ron Blomquist's Ruger item and the ones from Treso solve the problem, and, paradoxically, deliver better ignition. I'm at a loss about the rocket science of why, but little flash holes in centerfire cases (and Berdan primed cases as well) just seem to deliver the goods better, as well. But in the case of an open ignition system, the smaller hole also offers radically better pressure containment and maybe something more important than scoring x's instead of 10's.

We can testify from experience as to all points, though not as entertainingly as Dick does.

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