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Steel target help

I am in the final stages of purchasing a new SW 460 revolver (8 3/4 barrel) for hunting.

I am looking for suggestions on making some steel targets that are portable enough I can haul them out to the woods and shoot.

Any good ideas for 1) cheap source of scrap steel (I know "cheap" and "steel" don't go together anymore) and also some ideas for target configuration - i.e. should I make stands, weld the target to a stake, put some loops on it so I can chain it from a limb?

This gun will supposedly shoot point-on out to 200+ yards, but I am not sure I can, so am looking for something portable enough to go set it up in "hunting situations" (paying very close attention to backstops and safety) and practicing.

Also and recomendations on thickness requried for this hand cannon would be appreaciated.


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