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1860 Army .44 Powder Charge Issue

Hello everyone, saw a lot of BP info here and just joined.

I recently acquired a Pietta 1860 Army in case hardened steel with the brass trigger guard.

In the box were 2 owners manuals.

One from Pietta and one from Cabela's.

The Pietta manual calls for a FFFG powder charge of 12-15 grains.

The Cabela's calls for a FFFG charge of 25-35 grains.

I am new to all of this and have been shooting .451 balls with 30 grains of Pioneer with no problems but I would like to hear some real data on what this pistol can handle and what is giving who the best results.

I had someone tell me the pistol can handle as much powder as I can fit as long as the ball still seats but I believe that may be bad advice.

Any help here would be appreciated.
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