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Cabela's Milennium Revolver update

I posted about a year ago that I had put about a thousand wax bullet rounds through my Cabela's revolver and was pretty impressed. Well, it's still going strong no problems. I've put probably 15 to 20 thousand rounds through it now. Just large pistol primers and wax. I still haven't fired any live rounds in itl ( I have no place to shoot outside) I put a Wolf wire bolt spring and that worked great till it seemed like it might be kaput. I went back to the flat spring and I like that too. They both worked great for me. Haven't broken the flat spring yet so I guess I'm getting better. I've never owned a Colt or a more expensive single action so I guess I have nothing to compare with. But I sure am happy with it. If I ever upgrade I'll use my Millennium for dry fire practice, it'd sure be cheaper than those dry fire revolvers they want 3-4 hundered dollars for!! If anybody can't stand the Millennium they got, I wouldn't mind a couple more! The price has gone up so maybe you can get something better for around the same price now I don't know. That's something I'd really have to investigate before I bought another from Cabela's. Hope this helps anyone interested in this revolver.
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