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Ruger Old Army

Old Army Guys:

I have been shooting my stainless for ten years, have about 4,000 rounds thru it. I use forty grains of Pyrodex P and a H&G conical cast from range scrap. Crisco over the bullet. 40 grains does away with needing those ridiculously overpriced wads. Crisco is very cheap and I get no leading whatsoever. Velocity is about 1100 FPS. I use CCI magnum caps.

I clean the gun by running hot water thu the bore, and wash the cylinder in a cup of same with detergent. If you hold the gun barrel down, you can get the sink spigot in to run hot water thru bore, and then wash to the back of the cylinder opening with a toothbrush. The rest I clean with Hoppes. Clean out the hammer opening with a cut down popsicle stick and Hoppes on a patch. Every winter I take it all apart and throw it in a bucket of hot water with detergent ("Fantastik") Blow it out with an air gun.

When I bought the gun, it would not fire. The caps just wouldn't ignite the first time around. Tried different nipples, caps, no luck. Sent it back to Ruger and they sent me another one without comment. Works fine. I do not believe Ruger ever test fired the first gun. Maybe they since wised up and that's why there is residue in new guns.

It is not an authentic piece, but if you are looking for an easily maintained BP fun/hunting pistol, I think it is the best.

I have had absolutely no problems with the second gun. It is very accurate and I can shoot it better than most of my cartridge guns.

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