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Had a 9mm go off in my house, went through the carpet and foam padding, through the 2x10 hand cut floor and out of my basement wall
The only AD that I ever had was years ago when I fired an old Colt .32 auto into the floor; I had pointed it downwards, out of habit, when I squeezed the trigger and actually fired twice . Admittedly it was "only" a .32 but it did not penetrate the ceiling of the condo below me. Also, the rounds were Winchester Silvertips which may have had something to do with it. They broke up inside the padding and did not travel far.

On New Years, many LAPD patrol units working the late show pull into parking garages at midnight, because of falling lead.
In the last 15+ years it's been a little better since they made it a felony, but good God I was there in 1990 and it was like the Battle of Midway. Full auto, everything; the mad minute. I remember a round kicking up sparks a couple yards from me. Unbelievable.
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