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The stock may still be for that revolver even without the cutout on the grip frame. Have you tried to install it?

ASM (Armi San Marco of Gardone, Italy) was bought by American Western Arms in 2000 and ceased making c&b revolvers that same year.

The 1851 Navy in .44 cal is not a period correct replica. With the brass frame, shoulder stock and engraving the Blue Book of Modern Black Powder Arms (Fifth Edition, 2007) would place the value of a 100% condition gun at about $400; 80% of that is for the shoulder stock, and 50% for the engraving.

The BBoMBPA is a guide. Prices can and do vary greatly in actual practice. Brass frame guns are not popular amongst people who regularly shoot their guns, but they make nice display pieces, and the caliber lessens the value with respect to historical interest. So, your set would be of most interest to someone who wants to display it rather than a shooter or a reenactor.

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