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I wasn't aware that Gerber had been sold. Plus, saying I got it ten plus years ago isn't the whole story. I should have clarified where I got it. Take it away Paul Harvey... with the REST of the story:
Mine used to be my dad's knife. He got it sometime before late 1973- I don't really know when, but I KNOW he had it in 1973 b/c I saw it in a photo with his "then brand new" 1974 Chevy truck. I've got a nasty scar on my chin from when we wrecked it in 1978. I'll never forget that truck... everyday when I shave, I've got a 1 1/2" reminder.
When I first came in the Corps, I used to see the Mark II for sale at the base exchange. My dad carried his around back at home so I recognized it. I was home on leave, mentioned seeing a "new" one to my dad, and he gave it to me. I've had it ever since, though I haven't seen a "new" one in years. Did it get dropped when Gerber was sold, or was it phased out before that?
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