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like the Gerber Mark II myself (got one over ten years ago), though I heard they don't make them anymore- probably from some lawsuit BS no doubt.
Gerber Cutlery was sold to Sandvik (European maker of cutlery and cheap scissors) many years ago, and their knives look like it.

Tourist, in many of your statements, I will agree with you. I keep my knives stoned and steeled, and just touching the edge will cut you. Painlessly, but you will still bleed. I learned to sharpen knives in a meat packing plant, and if any of your friends and readers really want to learn to sharpen a knife, I would recommend they spend a few years in a packing house to learn the art.

Yes, a SD knife must cut immediately and cleanly. Most modern knifemaking steels are not fine-grained enough, a must for a surgically sharp knife. 440 stainless is one of the worst steels to make a knife out of (coarse crystals make its edge blunt) if you need a very sharp edge. Since most knifemakers started using it in the 1970s, most knife-buyers nowadays don't know what it's like to cut with a carbon steel blade. My favorite knifemaking steel is O1 or 1096, followed closely by D2. I don't care for V10, Talonite, AUS6, or many of the other sophisticated steels. I just like a knife that cuts.
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