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Hard to add much to the current replies as mostly right on the mark. I own a 7-1/2" and a newer 5-1/2". I find that the 5-1/2" had better balance but I certainly don't have any gripes about my 7-1/2". As far as loading, you will find that the 777 is noticeably hotter than most of the subs that I have shot and I've shot all of them. Perhaps that is why the reduced load is stated. Do know that there are many warnings about 777 being loaded too high in some traditionals. Also understand that Ruger makes or made these by the pound and they can take a beating. Might suggest that you pull the nipples before you shoot and apply a good anti-siez on the threads. I like loading my 5-1/2" light and lots of fun to wheel and shoot. Be safe !!!
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