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Originally Posted by grymster2007
That's what I like about stumps... you can unload on them and if you happen to hit one of the good ones, well... no foul!

We've never had a bear or big cat or even two legged predators invade our camp, but we've had a lot of trouble with those no-good, low-down, commie, pinko, Bolshevik beer cans and water bottles trying to sneak in. In the past, many of these terrorists fell to well placed double taps from modern firearms, but this year, lots of them are going to give up their lives the old fashioned way.
Yeah I know what ya mean about all them cans & bottles, have a few of them on occasion too "too often for my liking" but I have had a Coyote, a rabid Fox, & a rather irritated Black Bear come cross as not too friendly on a few occasions & only once did I have a 2 legged tresspasser/poacher that wished he had not picked my land to set up a hunting operatunaty "no I didn't shoot him but he felt kinda weak kneed & lost all control of his bodily functions when he saw the business end of a .45/70 Winchester up close & personal."
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