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I'm still learning my way around my ROA, having just bought it last week, so I really have no comments about the gun itself.

As to 777 and max loads: I have used up to 45 gr by volume of 777 in a Walker and 40 gr 777 in a Dragoon. It provided excellent results in terms of accuracy, although the most accurate load was somewhat less, about 5 gr in each case.

In the medium size frame Colts and Remington, 35 gr 777 is a max load and accuracy was not good at those levels. It depends somewhat on the gun, but somewhere between 20 and 25 gr usually worked out the best.

I intend to start testing at 20 gr 777 and 15 gr Goex and work my way up.

I always use lubed felt wads, also.
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