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Not a big fan of stack-ons.

Allow me to clarify what I am looking for here.

I will be building some form of cabinet that looks like a rectangular box of sorts on the outside. What I am looking for is unique layouts inside the cabinet.

I am not looking for a safe. I am not looking for a safe-guard against intruders. I don't actually have closet space in the room this will be going in. (If I did, it would become a walk-in gun room.) There is no need to hide the firearms, although I am open to cool and creative ways of doing this. I liked the gun storage in 'the big hit', but I think it would look a bit odd to have a tool cabinet in my bedroom. I liked the layout of the rifles and ammo storage in that cabinet, but I didn't like the way the pistols were stored. It seems to me that one quick accidental slam, and your pistols would be falling out of it.
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