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I think ive been ripped off

I think ive been ripped off for the first time on the internet. I bought a marlin cowboy to have customize and a guy on the castbullet forum (not here)RvPilot wanted an original stock as he had put a pad on his and wanted to trade. I sent him my stock over a month ago and after a week he emailed me and said that he didnt like it. The deal we made was that he was going to send whichever stock he didnt like to Clements as hes building my gun. Now he doesnt answer emails or pms. Hes been logged on to the cast bullet site at least twice in the last couple days. He logs on quickly and leaves. Others have tried to pm him too and he wont respond. Hes even got his own website and ive left messages there too and no replys. I guess theres actually people out there that would risk there name for a 150 dollar stock!!!!
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