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more negative feedback

January 28 was the latest feedback.


Found this negative feedback on SSK Industries forums. no positive just 3 negative.

tclover and I traded barrels--my Super 14 30-30 with forearm for his 10" 7TCU. Subsequent trade, I sent four bullet molds for four of his. That was in November and I've heard and seen no molds, no reply to emails...
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i purchased abunch of reloading equipment back around x-mas.8 items were either missing,damaged or not even what was described.i contacted him about bthe problems,he said he would ship the missing items.i sent him a money order for $8.95 on top of the $395 i paid for the other items.last i have heard from him after several pm attempts. buyer beware,adirondacker
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She asked for Hornet dies. I replied I had a set for $10.00 plus actual shipping. She said she would take them then said I could ship priority for $4.60. I did ship prior to receiving her funds. I emailed several times to insure she received the dies. Only one reply stating she would go look to see if she had received them. No other replies. Dies were returned unopened later with a USPS explanation of "refused". I then tried to contact only to discover I had been placed on a "no access list" through her firewall. A lesson learned. It's a shame she sells her integrity so cheaply.
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