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tclover warning - He she got me too. I have been warning potential victums.
This was the first time I have had a deal go bad online.

Her other user names Oldfart (one word) on Castboolits forum
other email addresses <[email protected]> <[email protected]>

Names Hazel Grindle
>> 300 Grant Trail
>> Bessemer City,NC 28016

Phone 704-435-9236

Terry Grindle
>> 300 Grant Trail
>> Bessemer City,NC 28016

He/she is trying to sell on other forums (do a google search like I did)


Use caution dealing with this person he/she is less than honorable.

This gun combo was posted on the specialtypistols forum until I warned the people trying to buy from her/him


Over on the castboolits forum her username is Oldfart (one word)

There is at least one other person that had poor dealings with her and posted such on the deadbeats list.

This person should know how to conduct business on these forums, he /she does it enough, with her/his vague posts not describing things worth a damn and general lack of communication when people buy something from her/him the only way I would buy something would be face to face only.

you can pass that on too.

I bought a barrel, brass and dies from this person of the castboolit website under the user name of Oldfart. Anyway hold on to your ass.
He / she shorted me the dies and 45 rounds of brass I finaly got the dies today (waiting over 30 days) after I sent him / her an e-mail threatining to get the postal inspector involved.

He / she has not posted on castboolits forum scince the end of Dec.

good luck

Location: Flint Michigan area

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