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A transcript, as written. On page two of the first letter, he refers to another man's shotgun and says, "the gun will be a good thing in camp", so perhaps he had already lost his 1849 Colt by that time, meaning it could well have been lost here between 1861 and 1865.

Read (Red) Rock
Aug 25th/65

Mr Stien Sir
I have a favor to ask of you
it is concerning Mr John Allen
to and that is to go to Mr Downs
and See if you can get the
mair of his that he troubles So
much a bout Mr Downs has a bridle
Sadle and laryette and powder flask
and Pouch
and go to Thom ???? and get his
gun that is John Double barrel you
can see if it is all rite and
Send gun and flask & pouch
down on the coach to mee
and the second teamster you
Send Send him on the cutoff to
Junction Station if you think
he will do to trust with
the mair Send mair Sadle and
bridle & lariett by him and
Then he will hear where I
am at I think I shall be
threw with ??? in Six days
from to day

if I am not there he
will find out from
them there where I am
Send the Mair for Roob
Tolde John that he would
have the next man to bring
him down to him I am going
to use him my self to
wride the gun will be
a good thing in camp
if you can get it with out
to much trouble to your
Self The auld fellow
can’t write and he wants
his gun and Mair with So
I can use his
I am a heap of trouble
I think I can’t tell what
you think but I recon
you think the same
yours C Smith

Read (Red) Rock Creek
Aug 25th/1865

Friend Stien Sir
You will Please Send me 3 Teamsters
as I or one of my men ar going
to the States as Soon as I can get a
man for th?? ???
Send (me? the?) regular auld bull drivers
for all the men I have had lately ar
stage drivers as soon as they see Roob
they ar going to get a String of Stock
I want 3 hay forks I forgot to say any
thing to Mr Thomas as he won’t now a bout
them and some ox lashes I can’t tell
how it is with you a bout geting
such things but I must have the forks
and there ain’t such a thing on the road
oanly what I have got and the mule teamster
broke the 1 I let them have
I need the gun and ammunision all rite
and am under obligation to you for
your trouble and will be happy
to settle for the same
I have not had any more forks in
camp since Yours Truley
C Smith


Horse Prerray Station
Oct 5th 1865

Mr Stien Sir
you will Please Send
Mee 5 lbs of chewing Tobaco
and charge the Sum to mee
And oblige yours
C Smith
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