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I posted this same thread on another forum, and people brought it to my attention that there is a lot of talk going around about this guy. Apparantly hes getting a lot of critique from the martial arts community for calling his style something its not. I dont know the first thing about martial arts, so this really means nothing to me. People just basically warned me to be cautious about what I learn from on the internet, and that they would find a different source to learn from than this guy.

I dont think the issue is whether or not his techniques are practical, or realistic, or whatever you want to argue, I think the issue is just that he was calling his technique something it wasnt. That being said, I see nothing wrong with learning a few moves from the guy. I have to admit, some of his more complicated and technical videos seem unrealistic, but for the simpler moves as far as disarming a suspect, or restraining a disorderly suspect, I think everyone could learn a thing or two from the guy.

Im glad everyone enjoyed the videos as much as I did. I wouldnt mind practicing a few of his moves on someone, but I dont really have anyone that I can try them out with.
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