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wow....great and informative videos..... who needs guns afterall lol...

I wonder if I can impress a girl with these moves?

I'm sure these wont really impress any of the LEO's on the site, but for the average joe like myself, I think theyre pretty amazing and educational
Impressed or not, and no disrespect the the LEO's on the forum, but I have a buddy who is a "martial arts" instructor who took down, and roughed up 5 LEO's on a beach in Spain one summer in a racially motivated "attack" (he's black, the white cops asked him rudely to get off the beach, and hit him unexpectedly behind the head with a walkie talkie when he didnt get up fast enough).... although the LEO's patrolling the beach were armed with walkie talkies and batons, it doesnt matter, as long as you know these basic self dense skills you can disarm and embarass someone attacking you with a baton....
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