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Meade, the "old fool" at Gettysburg

July 3, Gettsyburg. George Meade was the commanding officer of the Union's Army of the Potomac. They were engaged in a desperate battle against Robert E. Lee's seemingly invincible Army of Northern Virginia. Battery H was on Cemetery Hill when Meade happened to visit. Private Parmelee recalled it.

Gen. Meade, attended by only one officer, appeared among our guns, on foot, saying to our officers that this point must be held at all hazards. When the cry went round that the ammunition was getting short, Gen. Meade picked up a shell, stepped up to a gun, asking if it could not be used." Just then William H. Styer, a beardless 19-year old corporal from Marietta serving as No. 6 with Gun Detachment C, rushed forward with several projectiles. "Seeing someone in his way," Parmelee continued, "he grabbed him by the arm, saying, 'Out of the way, you old fool,' and clapped a shot into the gun. Gen. Meade retired in good order, smiling, we supposed, at the boy's earnestness. Accidents of battle gave him an Irish promotion to 'powder monkey' when this occurred. When told [later] how he had treated the commanding General he could not believe it." Steyr finished the war as the battery's first sergeant.
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