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The Mauser Mod 71/84 is chambered in 11X60Rmm (11.15X60Rmm Mauser), and was the official service cartridge of the German army from 1871 until 1888. The single-shot Mod 71 rifles were modified to accept a tube magazine and remained in service as the 71/84. 11mm Mauser is a very well balanced round, and had quite a following for many years. There were two black powder loadings, one more powerful for the 71/84, so you may encounter two diameters of bullets (.440" or .446"), or hollow-based bullets. Loaded ammo was available from Alcan, don't know of a current source. Brass is available. It can be reloaded with black powder and cast bullets. Due to the unusual bore diameter, you will either have to cast your own bullets or swage and paper patch different caliber bullets.
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