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Need some help with two German rifles 1894-1887

I'm looking for info on value but most importantly history and correct ammo. I got the rifles two years ago when my father passed. I know that he had fired both a few months before his death. Both rifles have NOT been turned sport.
I have found out enough to know I might have to reload ammo for one or both rifles but there is very little info on case/bullet powder combos.

If you need ANY more info to help me out or just questions please feel free to ask. Let me know if pictures would help.

Rifle #1 Rifle markings are as follows:
Year/1887 I.G. mod 71/84.
Amburg "with a crown over the word".
Capital letter "L" with a crown over it on the hex receiver.
Also on the hex receiver "SSRR" all letters have a crown over each letter.
Tube mag under the barrel.

Rifle #2 Rifle markings are as follows:
Year/1897 GEW 88, letters "nm" are under the "GEW 88".
Danzig with a crown over the word.
Also stamped on two places on the rifle are "1251" with the letter "y" under it.
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