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PSP said it -- "The lure is the gas retarded recoil system of the HK P7 in a poly framed, concealable, moderately priced pistol coming from a supposedly "quality" gun maker."

I didn't know about the Heritage Stealth, though I'm sure the shop did -- so why are they selling what they know must be ordure rather than ordinance? It's a high-end kind of place, and I've dropped quite a few bills there. I expect some help here, such as "we've had a few of those back -- maybe it's not the best for carry."

The only possible use of this pistol is for CCW. It seems important (to me, at least) that it work every time. Most of the other pistols are too thick for IWB carry, the only way besides under-the-shirt shoulder rigs that I can carry all day. I haven't had my hands on the new Walther PPS, and I didn't like the feel, low capacity, or cost of the Kahrs. Kel-Tecs don't get good reviews on this forum. All the discussion on the ADP was over a year old, certainly enough time for a quality gun maker to iron out any kinks in what I thought was a domestically-produced pistol. So my little 642 looks to be the go-to guy. I'll ask for the sale to be credited towards a nice service revolver in .44 or .38.

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