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Buyer beware: tclover's NONEXISTANT Service after the sale...

Well, I think I just joined the "Group of duped"....

Originally Posted by Tuttle8
I'm interested in your 44Mag die set. Can you give more detailed info? Is this new, like new, used, etc? What dies are included in the set?
Posted by tclover
they are used, sizer,flaring die, and seater. inside is clean no wear, out side does show use, but does not effect reloading with them
The outside did have minor surface rust. This was disclosed to me and didn't have any problem with it. He also sent the die set promptly. Didn't have any issues on the time frame of receiving the dies.

My problems were that the insides of the dies were absolutely filthy. Powder granules were packed all over inside the expander die, debris such as bullet shavings and what appears to be case lube in the bullet seater die, and minor gunk in the sizer die. All in all, full of crap. But, be that as it may, I shrugged it off and thought it wasn't that big of a deal. Just wasn't expecting a claimed "clean" set be so packed with garbage. However, the next surprise didn't set well with my stomach...

I removed the bullet seater plug to get started on the cleaning process. Lo and behold, the plug is ground down flat. Not good. It's been modified. This isn't what I bargained for. It, in fact, does affect reloading with them.

Unhappy, yet still calm, I PM'd tclover of the issue and requested my funds refunded and dies to be shipped back at his expense.

My following quote is the PM I sent him back on the 14th of Jan:

Got the die set today as you promised. However, I must say that I'm not exactly happy with my purchase. You stated that they were clean. The expander die has powder all in it. The sizer die has a bunch of debris in it and the seater has been ground down flat. I would like to arrange a return of the dies and my money back, please.
No reply as of today. I also emailed him on the 18th with a similar statement. No reply.

I feel that I gave adequate time to respond due to some people may not visit TFL every day and the email I sent was on a Thursday evening. I gave the benefit of the doubt that his email may be hotmail from work or something of that nature and may not get it right away. He hasn't logged here since right before I sent the PM.

So, I must regretfully say that I got taken for a ride. I would NOT recommend tclover for any business. If he doesn't stand by his $20 sale, he's definitely not going to get another dime from me.

This sucks because I just recently started doing personal transactions with other members here and thought I'd give a new member a try. Guess it's "Fool me once..." I makes me nervous to do business with other members even with a good reputation online. Hopefully, I'll get over it and not let one rotten apple ruin the good apples in the same barrel.
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